Locally owned and operated
Hanapohaku LLC is a local company led by owners Andrew Yani and Cully Judd with deep roots in Hawaii and the North Shore. We have completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and received a Special Management Area (SMA) Use Permit Major.  In addition, over the last four years we have met with individuals and groups to listen to the community’s vision for the location. We are confident that we have arrived at a design that matches the scale and character of the North Shore that includes a mix of goods and services that will serve the community well.

Currently, there are small local businesses on site that operate as food trucks and retail vendors on the property across from Shark’s Cove.  Some have been operating on this land for more than 15 years. We worked hard to keep these local businesses operating while we properly completed the EIS and SMA process. Hanapohaku’s goals are to sustain our North Shore lifestyle, redevelop in a sustainable manner, and support our local families.

We have also brought on a team of professionals in the area of development, planning, infrastructure, traffic, and architecture to guide us in determining the proper future uses that are within zoning and permitting rules and regulations all in an effort to follow proper processes and procedures.

We welcome your input and look forward to hearing from you. We will continue to post updates on our website to communicate with the community as we move forward with the planning. Please provide us feedback and share your thoughts.

Guiding Principles


Create a development that is synergistic with the overall regional community and Shark’s Cove -  the marine sanctuary.


Preserve the unique lifestyle of the North Shore for future generations.

Local Entrepreneurship

Foster an environment that benefits North Shore’s local entrepreneurs to economically sustain their families.


Develop a rural commercial community center that is a model for sustainability and renewable energy.
"Love this place. Nice people and good food."
Sunny Garcia
Pro Surfer