February 2021 Updates
February 26, 2021

SMA Minor Construction

Continuous abutting planter boxes along Kamehameha Highway have been constructed, filled, and planted with native plants. Planter boxes along Pahoe Road have been moved to create a continuous buffer with 6’ tall vegetation. 

Work on the chain-link fence along Pahoe Road commenced on February 26th. Surveyor was engaged to accurately locate fence points based on permits. G70 has been engaged to submit for a permit for the remaining section of the fence that extends to the mauka end of the property

Sitework subcontractors have been engaged and are submitting updated bids. Hanapohaku is in the process of selecting the subcontractor to begin the sitework for the SMA minor buildout. This work should commence within the next month, weather permitting. We will be avoiding doing any grading or sitework on heavy rain days to minimize runoff.

Tenant Compliance

Hanapohaku has created a process to verify that all trucks are moving at least twice a month. For this month, all food trucks have moved off site as required with photo documentation for each move shared with DPP. The trucks’ commercial kitchens are listed below.

  • North Shore Tacos - 54-296 Kamehameha Hwy
  • North Shore Shrimp Truck - North Shore Shrimp Truck Kitchen 59-712 Kamehameha Hwy
  • Sunrise Shack - Sunrise Shack Commissary 2300 N. King Street
  • The Cove Grill (Formerly Shark’s Cove Grill) - KNK’s Beach Galley 59-865 Kamehameha Hwy
  • Aji Limo - Trigo’s Enterprises 1818 Kanakonui St.

Single-use plastics, plastic straws, and non-reef-safe sunscreen continue to be prohibited for all tenants.

Tour buses continue to be prohibited from the site.

Any signs within 30 feet of the highway have been removed.

Baseline Inspection Report and Compliance

Inspectors from DPP visited the property unannounced in February, and conducted a baseline inspection of the entire property. Hanapohaku and others received the report on February 23rd. Hanapohaku has since reviewed the report including the photos and required changes described in it. All tents required to be removed were immediately taken down. The signs included in the report have all been removed. The electrical violations will be addressed safely as Hanapohaku engages with a licensed electrical contractor for the SMA minor construction. Any violations not requiring an electrician were corrected immediately. We have requested DPP to remove the NOVs for all the corrected work. There have been no formal complaints lodged on the website in the last month.

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