January 2023 Updates
February 28, 2023

SMA Minor Construction

New BMPs as designed in the SMA Minor permit were put in place before any sitework commenced. At the direction of the DPP inspector we have removed BMPs where the construction is complete and the grass is in place. The construction of the SMA Minor is completed and awaiting final inspection. The grading permit was closed on July 18, 2022. The final electrical work has been completed and we are awaiting a final inspection from HECO and DPP to close out the permit. Signs were posted facing both inside and outside the property directing pedestrians to use the crosswalk at Pupukea Road. The Pahoe Road fence was completed on August 19th, 2021.

Tenant Compliance

All trucks completed their required two moves in January. Single-use plastics, plastic straws, and non-reef-safe sunscreen continue to be prohibited for all tenants. Tour buses continue to be prohibited from the site. All tenants have been notified to remind customers to use the crosswalk at Pupukea Road when crossing Kamehameha Highway. Any signs within 30 feet of the highway have been removed.

Updated food truck list and support kitchen addresses:
Seven Brothers - 56-565 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku HI 96731
North Shore Tacos - 54-296 Kamehameha Hwy
North Shore Shrimp Truck - North Shore Shrimp Truck Kitchen 59-712 Kamehameha Hwy
Sunrise Shack - Sunrise Shack Commissary 2300 N. King Street
Aji Limo - Trigo’s Enterprises 1818 Kanakonui St.

Baseline Inspection Report and Compliance

Inspectors from DPP visited the property unannounced in February 2021 and conducted a baseline inspection of the entire property. Hanapohaku and others received the report on February 23rd, 2021. Hanapohaku has since reviewed the report including the photos and required changes described in it. All tents required to be removed were immediately taken down. The signs included in the report have all been removed. The electrical violations have been addressed and are awaiting a final inspection at the completion of the SMA minor construction.

Website Information

All Hotline inquiries have been posted to the website. We have not received any inquiries this month. A monthly update with all required information was posted to the website on December 31, 2023. Our yearly report was completed and shared on January 31, 2023 and includes a link to AADTC information from the HDOT website: https://histategis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=39e4d804242740a89d3fd0bc76d8d7de

"McCully's Corner has become a very special place for my family."
Teri Davis
Pupukea Resident